July 28, 2006


So Cool ... I love it.

Funny James.

HSBC friends - brothers & sister family.

Produced by OM Cafe - Roy. Thank you so much.
Place by - OM Cafe, I like this picture. Everyone Cheers so SwEEt. Thanks Fei's coming.

Produced by JOJO Leung - It's outlook and taste can compare with 5 star Hotel's Grade. Thousand thanks to you.

3 tough ladies. Finished Po Tai Islan. 34'C . Skin BURNED.


梁巔巔 said...

Dear, thank Q~


Charlie said...

Hey sister... Quite missing you... after working in Macau... HK was mile away... anyway, belated Happy Birthday....

樂透翠斯 said...

So great to hear you.

Thank you very much !

How's your life in Macau?