June 4, 2006


最近我受不了自己的健康狀況. 我從來未試過一個月內病兩大次. 而且, 一向都不都被頭痛困擾的我... 最近給折磿得要命. 胃不舒服, 血氣不好, 面色極差........ 呀, 累積下來, 情緒病又發作了. 昨天在公司簡直"忟"到想刹人. 整個人都變得沒精打釆, 無論穿什麼漂亮的衣服都看不順眼. 哎吔. 警報鐘響了.... 一下了, 回想自己曾經最健康, 最有活力, 最有自信的光釆, 很想再次擁有. 我知道最快最有效的良藥就是-- 運動. 好吧! 立即採取行動, 星期六晚上去游水, 頓時半個 tra tra 回魂了. 維他命運動好見效.


Ruth Tam said...

Same for me. Got sick again within 2 weeks. Terrible stomachache and headache.

I have enough exercise. 2 ballet classes and 1 Jazz class a week. However, dance classes are too stressful and I can't sleep well afterwards.

Yoga is boring but it helps me to eat well and sleep well. So, I decide to add one more yoga class each week.

樂透翠斯 said...

Thanks your advice , Ruth!

sEEMS very interesting.,

Hey, i would like the link of the Theatre Jazz ... !!!!

U must a dance professional..... have ballet basic skill.. I haven't any dance skill..

Ruth Tam said...

Sent from their website already.


Most of my Jazz classmate don't have any dance experience before. Henry is a very good teacher and knows how to handle this.